About Us

President's Word

The Arab Educational Information Network (Shamaa) was founded as a result of our awareness of the difficulty faced by Arab researchers in accessing the results of research work carried out by colleagues in their own country as well as in other Arab countries, other than by way of limited personal connections. This difficulty has continued to hamper the development of an Arab educational scientific community and the advance of educational research in our countries, and has led to its marginalization and to weakness in the educational knowledge needed to understand and develop our educational systems.   

Shamaa was founded by a group convinced of the necessity of filling in this major gap, and of the importance of developing Arab educational knowledge and the educational systems in the Arab world. The network continues to fulfill its goals due to the efforts of all those who believe in its importance and in its vital role.  

We are all called to contribute more effort, collaboration and support for this project to ensure its continuity, each from his own position: Educational researchers, leading personalities, intellectuals, journalists, businessmen, donors, colleges of education, publishers, Arab and regional organizations, ministries of education, centers of research and documentation, institutional centers receiving dissertations and theses, etc.  

We are proud of what we have achieved up to now, and seek to press on to greater advances so that Shamaa will grow to the full measure of our hopes and expectations.

Dr. Hassan Al-Ebraheem
March 28, 2012